Bristol Avon Regatta

Saturday 12 May 2018

Avon County RC’s annual regatta (Bristol Avon Regatta) takes place on the River Avon just upstream of Avon County’s boathouse, on our straight 1000 metre course.

For more details visit the Regatta website:

Bristol Avon Regatta

[Please note that 12 May is a change from the normal (previously advertised) date, which was a week later – Royal Wedding Day. It will be difficult to run the regatta on that day. This change is for this year only and Bristol Avon Regatta will revert to its normal weekend in 2019.
Bristol Avon Regatta will clash with Shrewsbury Regatta on 12 May. Both regattas are keen to avoid any disruption to either and so urge Clubs to enter whichever of the regattas they would normally attend. This approach is supported by the Events Coordinators for the West Midlands and WAGS Regions.]