Fun on the Water for All at Taster Day with We Get It

On May 14th, Avon County Rowing Club were delighted to host a group from the charity We Get It  in Bath for a fun-filled rowing taster day. We Get It supports anyone affected by cancer, and this group included individuals in different stages – some in recovery, some still undergoing treatment, and others who were friends or family members of cancer patients.
Despite their varying circumstances, one thing was clear – this was an active, adventurous bunch excited to give rowing a try! The weather cooperated beautifully, providing the perfect conditions for getting out on the water.
The main goal was for everyone to have a go at rowing in a relaxed, social atmosphere. And that’s exactly what they did! We had participants climbing into viruses and explore coxed quads to experience the joy of making a boat glide across the water.
It was incredibly uplifting to see people from all walks of life challenging themselves, laughing together, and simply enjoying being out on the river. Rowing is one of those unique sports that provides a full-body workout while also allowing bonding with your crew. But most of all, it’s just fun!
The taster day reminded us of the many benefits of rowing:
  • Getting active in the fresh air
  • Improving fitness and strength
  • Connecting with nature on the water
  • Socializing and building camaraderie
  • Achieving a sense of calmness and presence
One of the lovely people who joined us said afterwards:
I just want to save a massive thank you for giving me this opportunity. I never believed I would be able to do something like that and to have the video evidence of rowing 2K up the river is something I will treasure forever. When my cancer came back 2 years ago it really felt like the end of the world but this has made me realise that I can do anything and I came away on Sunday feeling two inches taller and very proud of myself, it was a personal challenge and the kindness, understanding and encouragement from everyone was just wonderful, thank you so very much”.
We’re so grateful to We Get It for bringing such an energetic and positive group to our club! It was an absolute pleasure hosting them and showing them that the sport of rowing is indeed accessible and enjoyable for anyone willing to give it a go! We hope they’ll come back to see us for more rowing adventures soon.

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