Go Row Indoor

Go Row Indoor is a new kind of exercise class that caters for people of all ages and levels of fitness. Similar to spin classes but using rowing machines, indoor rowing is a total workout that is fun, simple to learn, low impact and minute-for-minute burns more calories than almost any other exercise. Classes last 45 minutes and are run by our indoor rowing trainers who will lead you through the technique, giving coaching and advice.

Go Row Indoor is a great way to get fit, lose weight, make friends and have fun. It’s an ideal exercise for you if you have been less active for a while due to injury or health issues. It’s also proven to be very good for people identified as pre-diabetic.

If you fancy having a go on the water, indoor sessions are a really good way to start – the instructors use the same terminology as is used on the water and the basic movement is the same – without the chance of getting wet!

The next free taster session is on Saturday 19th March at 10am – email to book a space.