October – Avon Bluefriars Small Boats Head

Avon Bluefriars Small Boats Head Saturday 7th October 2023



Avon Bluefriars Head 2023 Results


Poster and notes Avon Bluefriars Small Boats Head 2023

Entry and Bumping Policy Avon Head Races

ABSBH 2023 start Order

ABSBH 2023 General Notes with launch times

ABSBH 2023 Safety and Racing Instructions

ABSBH 2023 Safety Plan & Welfare Statement

ABSBH 2023 Maps

ABSBH 2023 Clubs and colours

ABSBH 2023 Committees

Steering the Head Course

Thanks for your entries: please watch the video link below for useful information about steering the head course


Pilot of the new Day Ticket Scheme

The race has now been invited to join the pilot scheme, which allows British Rowing Community, Row, Coach and Umpire members who want to race occasionally to do so without having to buy a full upgrade to Race membership.

People who have a Community, Row, Coach or Umpire membership need to buy a Day Ticket for the date of the competition they want to enter in the British Rowing Membership system. Their club entries administrator will then be able to enter them in your competition in the usual way. Details on how to do this are here.





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