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Avon County Results 2006

Avon County Head 2006

WN4+; Lucy C, Kate, Vicky, Lucy B, Lindsey

S4 1x; Andy Derbyshire

Vet 1x, Jeremy Cheek

Wycliffe Big Head

 WJ14 4X+ 21:28

 WJ15 4x+ 20:34

City of Bristol Head 2006:

J2x; Andy Derbyshire, Tom Havers

J1x: Sean

Gloucester Head

WJ14 4X+ (Amy Vickery, Katy Wilson, Sophie Lemoine, Kate McLennan and Hannah Gautrey (cox))

National Veteran Championships, Nottingham June 2006 (Regatta)

Vet E 4- (Chris Brigden, Antony Constantinidi, Jim Dawson, Derek Walker)


Monkton Bluefriars Head

Monkton Bluefriars head, held over the traditional course generated a good entry with some exciting racing.  We had wins in WN 2X (Sallyanne, Kate), WJ15 2X (Sophie, Katy), WJ15 4X+ (Sophie, Katy, Grace, LizzieS, LizzieL), J14 2X (Tim, Gabriel) and Vet N 1X (Andy).

Our juniors were well represented with seven quads racing - most of whom were frustrated by the lack of opposition.  For several crews, this was their first experience of racing and all coped well.

For a full list of results, see www.bluefriars.org.uk/sbh/2006.

Photographs of the event can be found at www.bluefriars.org.uk/photos/2006

GB Junior Trials

Sean, Tom and Rosie made the long trip up to Boston this weekend for the GB junior 'first assessment'.  This involves a 5k race in a single, and is only open to those who have achieved a good enough standard on the ergo.  The conditions were very windy - so bad in fact that the afternoon race (girls) has to be shortened which lead to a certain amount of confusion.

Sean was 29th in 20:53,Tom 74th in 21:23 and Rosie 48th in 11.13.  156 boys took part and 71 girls.  Well done to all,and thanks to Austin for trailing the boats.

Pangbourne Junior Sculls

Seven other club crews travelled to Pangbourne near Reading to compete in the Pangbourne Junior Sculls on the River Thames.  The event is hosted at the Childe Beale Wildlife Park which always causes some amusement - this year there were geese grazing in the trailer park - totally oblivious to the activity surrounding them! 

Everyone competed well with mixed results:

 Event  Crew   Placing  Time 
 WJ18 4X-  Sophie, Katy, Alex and Lizzie S  3rd/3  12.41
 WJ16 4X-  Ruth, Natalie, Charlotte and Lizzie L  2nd/3  12.23
 WJ13 4X+  Alice, Laura, Hannah L, Hannah S and Amy  6th/11  8.09 (short)
 J18 1X  Andy  10th/27  12.19
 WJ15 4X+  Sophie, Katy, Amy, Lizzie S and Lizzie L  5th/11  12.37
 WJ15 4X+  Sarah, Jessie, Becky, Hannah and Alex  11th/11  14.07
 J14 2X  Tim and Gabriel   9th/10  13.48 

Special mention must go to Alex for stepping into the WJ18 4X to substitute for a sick crew member thus ensuring that the crew could race.  And many thanks to Ann for providing the towing vehicle to get the boats there and back!

Well done everyone!

Wycliffe Small Boats head

18 Avon crews competed over the traditional Small Boats Head course on the Sharpness Canal near Gloucester.  Conditions were tricky with a stiff head wind but the usual bitter cold weather was relaced with some sun for a change.

Results as follows:

 Event  Crew Time  Placing 
 E 4-  Andy, Austin, Sean, Tom    09.02  1st/1
 S2 2-  Tom, Sean   09.52  1st/7
 WJ16 4X  Rosie, LizzieS, Katy, Sophie  10.10  1st/6
 WJ16 4X  LizzieL, Charlotte, Natalie, Ruth (Minerva)  10.37  3rd/6
 WJ15 2X  Katy, Sophie  11.11  2nd/12
 S2 1X  Andy  11.18  4th/10
 WS4 2X  Kate, Sallyanne  11.39  4th/6
 J14 4X+  Tim, Scott, Gabriel, George, Amy  11.39  3rd/5
 WJ16 1X  Rosie  11.40  2nd/5
 WJ15 4X+  LizzieS, Rachel, Grace, Amy, LizzieL   12.00  6th/9
 J14 4X+  TomC, Sam, Dan, Will, Grace    12.01  4th/5
 WJ14 4X+  Shannon, Holly, Sarah, Alex, LizzieS   12.29  4th/6
 J14 2X  Tim, Gabriel  13.54  4th/8
 WJ15 4X+  Gemma, Kate, Alex, Becky, Sophie   14.05  9th/9
 J14 1X  TomC   14.34  4th/8
 WJ15 2X  Kate, Becky  14.50  12th/12
 J16 1X  James   15.37  13th/13 
 WJ14 1X  Sarah  16.14  4th/4

Well done to all but special congratulations to Rosie, LizzieS, Katy and Sophie as they not only won their event, but were the fastest women's crew. 

Pudding Head

pud_head_2006_sals_crew_turning_boatThe usual high standard of crews battled it out for the title of 'Head of the Pudding 2006'.  41 club members took part in this prestigous event competing over the famous 'Saltford Straight' in eights, coxed and coxless quads.  The sun shone, the mulled wine flowed and lots of mince pies were consumed.

Several junior members were baptised - well, they got pretty wet - swapping their usual two blades for one long one!

The 'Head of the Pudding 2006' title went to 'Sal's eight', beating 'Chris's eight' by a mightly 4 seconds in a time of 5:40 despite having fewer chaps on board (Girl Power).

pud_head_2006_andys_crew_medThe Quads were lead by 'Andy's crew' who despite Alice's hat, managed to maintain their position as Head quad.

Everyone raced well despite the heckling from the crowds of spectators who lined the banks as they raced past.

Thanks to everyone who brought food and drink (especially for the little chocolate truffle things) and to the parents who set the food out and tidied it all away.

Caption Competition

What is Sal saying/thinking? 


Bottle of mulled wine (left over from the festivities - no expense spared!) for the best caption.  Email juniors@avoncountyrowingclub.org.uk with your suggestions!