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2002 results

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7th Wycliffe Small Boat's Head


  • Clare; Becky; Liz; Alexa: Cox MCS
    WS2 4+
  • Olly; Tom; Andy; Sean; Cox Tim Course Record
    MJ14 4X+
  • Vicky; Julie Course Record
    WS3 2x


  • Clare; Laura Parsonage; Becky; Julie; Cox MCS
    WS 1 4+
  • Vicky
    WJ 1 x
  • Keith; John; Andy; Geoff; Cox Frankie
    Vet C 4+
  • Olly
    MJ 13 1x


  • Liz; Alexa
    WS3 2x
  • Laura Pearce; Rachel
    WJ18 2x
  • Julie
    WS 2 1x
  • Andy
    MJ14 1x


Veteran's Four's Head of the River, Sunday 3rd

  • Andy, Geoff, Keith and Julian
    Vet D 4- (finished 77th overall and 4th in class)
  • Philippa and Gillian (composite with Barnes Bridge RC)
    WVet E 4x (finished 89th overall)

Fuller's Four's Head of the River Race, Saturday 2nd:

  • Jo, Eva, Vicky and Julie
    WS2 4x (finished 226th overall and 13th in their event)
  • Claire, Caroline, Becky, Liz and Ellie (cox)
    WS2 4+ (finished 398th overall and 18th in their event)


Evesham Oarsome Head:

  • Frankie Downes
    WJ15 1x
  • Olly Cartledge
    Oarsome J13 1x


15th Boston Rowing Marathon (31 miles):

  • S12-
    Ben Lang and Matt Clayton
    New course record and fastest 2- of the day

14th Avon County Swindon Splash and Dash:

  • J15 2x
    Tim and Sean
  • J14 2x
    A. Derbyshire and O. Cartledge
  • J13 1x
    O. Cartledge

Worcester Vets and Junior Regatta:

  • Vet N 1x
    Julian Sondheimer
  • Oarsome J14 1x
  • WJ16 1x
    Esther Cole


Bristol Avon Regatta:

  • WS1 1x
    Julie Gray

Gloucester Regatta:

  • WE1x
    Julie Gray

Stourport Regatta:

  • WJ16 1x
    Esther Cole
  • J14 2x
    Tim and Sean
  • WS2 1x
    Julie Gray

Great Britain -v- France Match:

  • WJ1x
    Victoria Land (2)

Coupe de la Jeunesse:

  • WJ4x (bronze)
    Charlotte Land
  • WJ1x (spares)
    Victoria Land


19th to 21st National Rowing Championships of Great Britain:

  • W4x (composite crew, bronze medal)
    Charlotte Land
  • JW1x (bronze)
    Vicky Land
  • J14 2x (finalists)
    Sean Bathe-Taylor and Tim Cole
  • WJ16 1x (narrowly missed finals day)
    Esther Cole
  • W8+ (4th place)
    Beth Hockley (coxing the ACRC / UTRC / NCRA composite crew)
  • M1x (semi-finalist)
    Guy Blanchard

13th Llandaff Regatta:

  • Mxd 4+ (composite with Hereford RC)
    Chris (Hereford), Les (Hereford), Julie, Angela and cox Charlie

13th Exeter Regatta

  • Vet E 4+
    Graham, Keith, Tony, Andy and guest star cox

7th Totnes Sprint Regatta:

  • Vet Nov 1x
    Julian Sondheimer


15th Stratford-on-Avon Regatta:

  • J13 1x
  • J14 2x
    Sean and Tim
  • WJ18 1x
    Natalie Wright
  • Vet D/E 4+
    Keith, Graham, Andy, Julian and cox Penny

8th ACRC Oarsome Regatta:

  • Avon Angoras (4021 points)
    Tim Cole, Sarah Derbyshire, Elizabeth Land
  • Avon Albatrosses (3756 points)
    Olly Cartledge, Chris Roberts, Sean Bathe-Taylor
  • Avon Adventurers (3625 points)
    Andy Derbyshire, Holly Parker, Sarah Coady, Chloe Ranning
  • Well done to all the above who competed in the event for the club.

3rd Hereford Regatta:

  • WS2 4+
    Julie, Becky, Angela, Jo and cox Beth
  • 1st to 2nd National School's Regatta:
  • WJ16 2x (silver medal)
    Charlotte and Vicky Land


18th Coatewater Regatta:

  • WJ18 2x
    Charlotte and Vicky Land

5th Evesham Sprint Regatta:

  • WS2 2x
    Charlotte and Vicky
  • WJ16 2x
    Charlotte and Vicky
  • WJ16 1x
  • WJ14 2x
    Frankie and Laura
  • J13 1x


24th Vesta Veteran's HoRR

  • MVD 8+ (75th in a time of 21:01.38)
    Composite with Bradford-on-Avon RC
    Derek, Rodney, Alfie, Andrew, Jim, Chris, Antony, Pete and cox Frankie
  • WVB 8+ (110th in a time of 21:55.75)
    Jo, Ann, Penny, Caroline, Sue, Lynda, Gillian, Philippa and cox Charlotte
  • MVD 8+ (131st in a time of 22:33.85)
    Keith, Graham, John, Andy, Chris, Geoff, Julian, Robin and cox Alan

23rd Men's Eight's HoRR:

  • E 8+ (came 207 of 406 in a time of 19:53.99)
    Simon, Mark, Robin, Dave, Rich, Pete, Ben, Matt and cox Beth

17th Gloucester HoRR:

  • WS3 2x
    Charlotte and Vicky
  • WS2 2x
    Jo and Ann
  • WJ16 2x
    Charlotte and Vicky
  • J14 4x+
    Tim, James, Fred, Sean and cox Lizzie

3rd City of Bristol HoRR:

  • WS1 8+
    Beth (cox), Jo , Ann , Becky, Angela, Penny, Julie, Caroline and Claire
  • WS2 2x
    Jo and Ann
  • J14 2x
    Tim and Sean
  • WS3 1x
  • Vet E 8+
  • S1 1x
  • WS3 1x
  • J14 1x
  • J13 1x


16th Avon County HoRR:

  • WS2 2x
    Jo Stoker and Ann Booker
  • WS1 8+
    J14 1x