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Nice images of ACRC, on and off the water.

Bristol Avon at Saltford 2009

Bristol Avon at Saltford 2009 . more

Evesham Regatta 2009

Photos of ACRC at Evesham Regatta 2009  J14 1X- Elliot  WJ14 2X- Laura and Alice  WJ14 2X  WJ18 1X- Hannah O  WJ14 4X+  WN4+  WJ15 2X  WS3 1X  Junior Winners!  Winning quad . more


     J18 4X-      WN 4+      WN4+      WJ18 2X . more

ACRC dinner 2008

. more

Bristol Avon Regatta 2008

Photos from the Bristol Avon Regatta @ Saltford 2008 . more

The Million Metres

The Guinness World Record attempt The event logo... it says "ACRC" you know! Group picture, before the start, from the Bristol Evening Post newspaper. The calm before the storm. more

Head racing

Photos from the Head of the River Race 2001. It's the Veteran Four's Head of the River Race 2001 and Rowley Douglas (in blue) coxes the ACRC crew of (from left to right) Julian Sondheimer, Andy Mason, Keith Trivett and Geoff Peattie. more

Regatta racing

Photos from the Henley Royal Regatta 2001. The ACRC crew of Darren, Dave, Mark and Robin take on (and beat) NCRA B in the first round of Henley Royal Regatta 2001. Photo courtesy of Peter Jowett. more

Training photos

Snaps taken while training Uli trains for the forthcoming season, on the River Avon at ACRC. Those who can't keep up, turn to fags and booze when the going gets tough. more

HRR and Ironbridge 2000

Henley and Ironbridge regatta weekend 2000 The Henley Prize 2000 and Avon County, Worcester and Gloucester make local history by competing in the first ever (non-invitational) women's eights event at Henley Royal Regatta. more

Home Countries 2000

Home Countries Regatta, 2000 Jo, Pat, Ann and Penny (from left) show us their big shiney medals at the bow of Chris Hopper. more

Other club activities

All kinds of club activity not directly taking place ON the water Obvious "erection" jokes have been avoided here. more